By the light of the moon

lunar meditation series
In the now infamous year 2020, I hosted virtual meditations for the new and full moons. I have so enjoyed researching, meditating and exploring the symbols and energetic connections revealed by the waning and waxing moon cycles, and am so grateful for all the wisdom shared by those present. 

In 2021,we will be exploring the relationship between the earth, planets and our human psyche through the lens of the wheel of the year. Recognizable from druid, wicca and celtic traditions, the wheel of the year pivots around our experience of changing light and high-lights our natural creative cycles.

 Sessions will revolve around
  • Current solar events
  • Upcoming planetary alignments of note
  • Tarot associations, with special attention to the power of the court cards
We will explore some of the symbols that the planets are reflecting for us at the time, and reach into the healing capacity being revealed. This is an opportunity to strengthen your self-care and boost your wellness through connectivity, deep imagining, and energetic balancing.

Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice

~ February 1, Monday  7 pm  ~ Imbolc, St Brigid's Day

~ March 19, Friday  7 pm  ~ Spring Equinox

~ April 30, Friday  7 pm  ~ Mayday, Beltane

~ June 18, Friday  7 pm  ~ Summer Solstice

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~ Free 1 hour webinars @ 7pm PT on days listed above ~ exploring the symbology of ancient astrology & tarot as activated by the cosmos ~ open to all  ~ interfaith & multi-cultural ~ welcome to the circle ~ suzanne ~
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