By the light of the moon

lunar meditation series

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Sessions will explore some of the symbols that the planets are reflecting for us at the time, and reach into the healing capacity being revealed. This is an opportunity to strengthen your self-care and boost your wellness through connectivity, deep imagining, and energetic balancing.


~ January 17, Monday  7 pm (pacific time zone)
  ~ Venus & Inanna - an underworld journey

Every eight years, Venus returns to the same position for us, and lingers. Like Inanna journeying to the underworld, she leaves her evening star position and turns deeply inward to linger in place, creating time and space for us to catch-up with ourselves, course-correct as needed, and re-emerge as the morning star - strengthened and re-energized.

Join us to explore the learnings Venus & Inanna have for you!

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~ Free 1 hour webinars @ 7pm PT on days listed above ~ exploring the symbology of ancient astrology, mythology & tarot as activated by the cosmos ~ open to all  ~ interfaith & multi-cultural ~ welcome to the circle ~ suzanne ~
   A Metis Gathering online experience